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Top 10 Facts About Me

1) I have a First Class Maths degree.

2) Google has identified the following themes in my reviews. I am patient, passionate and professional and inspire confidence in my pupils.

3) I have over 4 years experience tutoring full-time.

4) I run GCSE workshops around exams that can be the difference between pass and fail.

5) My students have achieved 4-letter grade improvements (e.g. E to A)

6) I won the award for Best Dissertation for my strong report-writing skills. This, my GCSE attainment and my natural ability to spell accurately, allow me to teach English as a secondary.

7) I have experience working with Special Education Needs (SEN) students. For details please see FAQ.

8) My youngest student has been with me since Year 1. I am there to provide fun challenges for an excelling child.

9) My oldest student is studying for an Engineering qualification – something that he would not have considered without Maths tuition.

10) I help to manage the student’s education outside of Mathematics. This includes drawing up revision timetables, providing advice on necessary exam-tier changes, and providing support surrounding English Literature/Language and Science exams.


I graduated from University of South Wales (formerly University of Glamorgan) with First Class Honours in Financial Mathematics. I studied a variety of modules, including Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Operational Research, Mathematical Biology, Computer Programming, and Finance. My Dissertation was titled The Assessment of Bank Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis, which paired knowledge from Financial Mathematics and Operational Research. I was honoured to receive the Chris Elliott Prize for Best Dissertation.

Tutoring experience

At the core of the business is a passion and aptitude for Mathematics. My understanding of the subject allows me to express complex mathematical concepts in many different ways, which is necessary to teach across a scope of unique students. I have tutored a variety of students, specialising in exam preparation. Current students range between age 8 and 19 and I have been known to assist with non-mathematical areas such as English and Science. I relish the chance to transfer my revision expertise and offer revision quizzes to pinpoint the student’s learner style and revision timetables to minimise stress and promote organisation.

My knowledge allows me to tutor A Level students, Adult learners and University students. Tuition required at University level may not just be paralleled to a Mathematics degree, as Maths is found in many degree subjects. It may be that you are undertaking Foundation Police Science and are struggling with the Maths exams, or in Year 1 of a Maths related discipline and have some gaps in your knowledge. Recently, I assisted a Criminology undergraduate with Statistics exams.

On average, students improve at least one letter grade per exam sitting, with a maximum of 3 letter grades. For example, an E grade student is likely to reach a C grade after adequate tuition (I have also achieved 4 grade improvements). I am proud to say that students eventually reach their target grade under my care, as I have measures in place to ensure progress is made. Previously, I was the sole teacher for a student out of school, resitting his GCSE to improve on his E grade. I saw this student 4 hours a week over two months and his grade improved to a C. His overall confidence also improved and he was much more comfortable in the exam.

100% of clients would recommend me. Read more on Recommendations.

Teaching Style

The flow of the lessons highly depends on the amount of time we have available. Lessons will be past paper and exam technique focused close to the exam, and more time allows us to recap the full curriculum.

For each topic, I start with a short test, to assess whether they are confident on that area. I then proceed to teach if they have any problems – it may be that they have forgotten the appropriate method, or have always struggled with that topic, or may be completely unfamiliar with it. Homework is given per topic, whether it is taught or skimmed over. Homework allows me to assess how they approach questions without prompts, in a low-pressure environment, and is a fantastic way to commit that topic to memory as they may need to look back to their notes to answer the questions. I offer worksheets if extra practice would be beneficial and I can also revisit a topic if the student is struggling.

Many students that struggle with Maths have low confidence, and worry about giving incorrect answers. This is something that we will work on, and that also comes naturally with progression of knowledge and understanding.

Communication with parents is very important to me. Open communication allows me to address any concerns, ensure homework is completed on time, relay the progress we are making and if extra lessons may be required. I prefer to make adjustments to the schedule, to avoid adding extra lessons to the agreed hours per week, but parents may request more before exams and in the holidays. If I was really concerned with a students progress, for example, if they are under-performing in practice exams shortly before their examination, I will be upfront and honest that in order to hit their target extra lessons will be required.

I adapt my lesson plan for each student, based on their needs. I supply all worksheets so the only thing your child will need is a writing pad and mathematical apparatus. These include a scientific calculator, pair of compasses and protractor. I am more than happy to supply any of these for initial lessons, so please don’t worry if you do not have them to hand. I am also happy to help with difficult school homework, and anything else the student may need outside of planned content.

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