10 Benefits of tutoring
(Rachel K, Rachel K tutoring, 26th May 2014)

Study shows private tutoring improves grades
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Why more GCSE students are seeking private tuition
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Welsh GCSE Results – June 2019 (WJEC CBAC Ltd, 13th December 2019)

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What A-levels do you need for the degree you want to study?
(Andy Gardner, Which?, 20th January, 2016)

Good maths results can directly affect your acceptance to university. From medicine to geography, a maths A Level is seen as positive criteria for entry. In fact, a maths A Level is classed as useful for 53% of degrees.

Almost one in two children in London have a home tutor, figures reveal
(Anna Davis, Evening Standard, 3rd September 2015)

44% of children admitted to having a home tutor in London, as opposed to 22% throughout the rest of the country. This article discusses the progression of tuition and the increased wealth in London compared to other areas.

Links between Geography and Mathematics
(International Council for Science, STEM Learning, 1999)

For example, in Hydrology, which considers rainfall and the formation of lakes, students use Maths to calculate volumes of water.

A-level reforms: what they mean for you
(Tim Miller, Which?, 2015)