Availability & Pricing

I am currently fully booked for regular slots but offer a waiting list and optional cancellation list to be notified of ad hoc availability.

Maths tuition – £30.50/hour (100% of clients opt for maths tuition)
English tuition – £30.50/hour (1 in 3 clients opt for English tuition)
Science tuition – £30.50/hour (1 in 6 clients opt for science tuition)

I am experienced with the Welsh and English curriculum (including year 6 SATs and 11+ prep) and have supported students through Engineering qualifications or statistical parts of Criminology or Psychology. Maths is available from year 1 to Masters level and English and science up to GCSE level.

I have also been known to assist with History, Welsh Baccalaureate (especially statistical projects), Geography, I.T. (especially coding) and Religious Education.