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Why did you choose Buttonbee Tutoring Services over other agencies?


“Recommended via neighbour.”

“Location, price and availability with Buttonbee Tutoring.”

“Laura was recommended.”

“I had a tutor before Laura for 2 years – she did not succeed in getting me a C grade.”

“We had tried a different tutor before but the standard of tuition was not acceptable.”

“Effective advertising and responsive service.”

Would you suggest improving anything for the future?


“Not at the moment.”

“No. It’s great as it is.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing – it works!”



“No. At the end of the day, Laura did everything she could to help my son. He needed to work and put more effort in.”

Testimonial of a time Laura went above and beyond for the student:

“Laura provided additional lessons when asked and offered a full day of lessons free of charge to my daughter, and a friend if she so liked.”

“Extra time allocated and free all day study.”

“Always remained positive, gave extra work via post when needed, and was always happy to change days if necessary.”

“All the time. Laura is always available by phone.”

“Laura was very flexible with lesson times and never let my son down.”

“Fitted us in with additional lessons when required. Unfortunately, my child let himself down by not working to his full potential in between his lessons with Laura.”

“Always. She helped my son when he was struggling and wanting to give up and always had as much information as he was learning Maths in Welsh, which made Maths even harder.”

“Laura frequently went the extra mile by hand-delivering papers between lessons, and even compiling a revision timetable for all subjects”

“At every opportunity Laura went above her role to advise and help my son – very encouraging.”

“Yes we arranged lessons and the tutor provided late night lessons.”

“Laura went above and beyond to ensure that I understood each topic in maths by explaining
it in a way that became understandable to me and providing me with a good amount of
homework that enabled me to improve.”

“Laura would always ensure the paper used was colour as I am dyslexic. She could also explain things really well. Thank you!”

“Always and during the run up to exams moving lessons as to provide lessons before exam.”

“Laura provided extra learning materials for my son and marked his test papers.”

“Always available for extra sessions when needed.”

“Laura went beyond the arranged lessons, providing support to my daughter via text whenever required.”

“Wrote out an exam paper by hand and provided several sheets of VITAL information regarding my test”

Overall Recommendations

“Laura tutored me for the numeracy tests that I had to pass to allow me to be accepted onto a PGCE. Laura was extremely reliable, punctual, professional and friendly. I have always lacked confidence in Maths but she was very encouraging and always explained strategies in full. I can honestly say that I would not have passed the test without her guidance and support. She was amazing!”

“Laura is a very supportive tutor and is kind, friendly and hardworking. She uses exceptional teaching abilities to motivate her students.”

“Laura was always on time, was reliable and prepared for all the lessons. Even though our child didn’t reach her target grade we still appreciated Laura’s hard work and support.”

“Definitely recommend. My daughter would never have got the mark she did without Laura.”

“Laura would give 100% commitment. She always helped in various ways that suited my daughter and helped her to get the grade she needed for college. I would definitely recommend her and I have done so already.”

“Laura you are extremely committed to seeing your student succeed, even when your own health suffers. You are a credit to the Maths profession and an excellent private tutor. Couldn’t have asked for a lovelier person to teach my daughter.”

“My daughter has been with Laura for well over a year and her level of confidence with Maths has increased 100%. Laura’s level of commitment to her students is exceptional, I would highly recommend Buttonbee Tutoring Services, Laura is fantastic!”

“Laura is professional and strives to achieve the highest potential from students. She is very organised and disciplined.”

“My daughter was happy with the tutor. The lessons were explained thoroughly and helped her understand what she was unsure of within Maths. With having the tutor, it helped her improve and progress further. Thanks for your support.”

“Laura did the impossible: motivating a disengaged teenager and raising his grades from E to two B’s. Her sound advice to keep working for a B after gaining a C meant our son was accepted onto a Level 3 course taking a route not previously considered.”

“Laura is by far the best tutor/teacher I have come across. She is passionate and enthusiastic about Maths and this reflects on the attitude of my sons towards the subject. Both my sons have achieved better results than anticipated by the school and this is all down to Laura. The credit is all Laura’s. Thank you.”

“I would recommend Laura as a tutor as she puts great effort into making sure she
enables her pupils to work to the best of their ability. She is an incredible tutor.”

“I would highly recommend Laura to other parents. We were extremely satisfied with the
support provided to our daughter. I’d like to personally thank Laura for her patience
and support. I am sure that Laura has provided my daughter with fantastic tuition
that has enabled her to achieve a C grade. Thank you so much!”

“Laura forms an excellent relationship with students providing a teaching style that suits
the students individual needs. Excellent tutor. :)”

“I would definitely recommend Laura – very kind and professional. She knows what she is doing and always wants the best for her students and for them to get their grades. She is very accommodating with lessons. Thank you for everything.”

“Laura is a friendly tutor, whom is able to convey the information effectively. Enabling
my child to achieve the grade necessary, in a subject she does not enjoy.”

“Laura is passionate about her subject and instils that passion into her pupils enhancing confidence and subsequently achievement.”

“You couldn’t have done anymore to help.”

“Thoroughly satisfied with the support and guidance I received from Buttonbee Tutoring Services. I would highly recommend it.”

“Buttonbee Tutoring is an excellent service. Laura is passionate about her subject and instils that passion into her pupils, enhancing confidence and subsequently achievement.”

“Always helpful and excellent at explaining.”

“We were very satisfied with Laura. She gave our daughter confidence and a great understanding of her exam. Would definitely use Laura again as a tutor for our younger daughters.”

“Laura was always very well prepared and tailored lessons to the needs of my child. She was always enthusiastic and had high expectations for progress and achievement. My child responded well to the tuition and achieved good results at GCSE level. Many thanks.”

“Explained everything to my son, kept me informed and encouraged my son so much. Laura is passionate and caring from start to finish. My son received excellent results.”

“I would recommend Laura to anyone whose child needed extra help. She was very knowledgable, friendly and supportive.”

“An excellent service that is tailored to your child’s individual needs.”

“My daughter has been with Laura for well over a year and her level of confidence with Maths has increased 100%. Laura’s level of commitment to her students is exceptional, I would highly recommend Buttonbee Tutoring Services, Laura is fantastic!”

“Fantastic tutor. Very friendly and always very happy to help. kept in contact even outside of lessons with delivering work to the house. Laura – it was a pleasure getting to know you.”

“We were very happy with the service Laura provided, always on time and prepared, and never rushing to leave. Laura made an immediate positive impact with our daughter. There was a clear connection and an ability to communicate the subject in a way she could understand.”

You are more than welcome to ask for reference details before lessons begin. Data pulled from Satisfaction Questionnaires given to the parent at the final lesson. 27 participants.